The Panopticon Project

The Panopticon Foundation works on both academic research and public policy.  It aims to provide innovative and effective policy recommendations that advance the general goal of increasing individual security, economic opportunity, political development, and individual freedoms.

To that end, we support research that contributes to greater academic understanding of transitional societies and the political, social, and economic challenges they face, especially, but not limited to:

  • Political reform,
  • Institutionalizing civil freedoms,
  • Gender dynamics and challenges, especially for women and sexual minorities,
  • Migration, immigration, and refugees,
  • The role of commercial society,
  • Social justice and poverty,
  • Health issues and medical care,
  • International relations, and
  • Environmental concerns.

Our researchers have an extensive variety of field, policy, research, educational, and business experience.  Some of our current projects include the changing nature of civil-military relations in East Asia, immigration and global citizenship, the dimensions of human development, violations of women’s rights in South East Asia, the effect of changing demographics and ethical expectations on the East Asian welfare state model, and the personal virtues required for civil society and democratization.


Panopticon Health Innovations

In efforts to combat the worsening trends in global health, Panopticon has established a health innovations arm dedicated to reëngineering the healthcare paradigm to empower individuals to drive their own health goals through everyday technologies. Visit us at